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Explore the innovative fitness world with Chronofi, the app that guides you through your fitness journey. Select from a growing exercise database, easily craft personalized programs, and connect with a supportive community. Coaches can monetize their content, turning fitness into an immersive, unique experience with Chronofit.


Your path to fitness is personal and ever-evolving, which is why Chronofit gives

you the freedom to customize it as you see fit.

Workout Anywhere.

Explore a variaty of workout

Build your own workout

Exchange and share your knowledge

Stay on track and plan

Timer Mode


Your fitness on your wrist

Monetizable Content

Boost your earnings

Active Network

Build strong connections

24/7 Support

Always available assistance

Why Choose Us

Farewell to lengthy PDFs or videos

Forget complex PDFs, impractical videos, cumbersome spreadsheets, and paper plans. Our revolutionary editor transforms program creation, making your workouts smoother and more productive than ever. For coaches, offer an unmatched coaching experience, free yourself from administrative burdens, and focus on what truly matters: inspiring your clients towards success. Simplify your management and enhance your efficiency with our unique platform.

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For the coaches

Today’s clients seek more than just email follow-ups or documents like PDFs or Excel files. Chronofit takes your coaching digital, opening new avenues for content monetization. This platform incorporates all the necessary tools to enhance your coaching and boost your income. Guide your clients towards their goals while increasing your profitability. With Chronofit, managing your business becomes effortless, your financial opportunities expand, and you move towards financial success in sports coaching.

Over 1000 Exercises for Your Programs

Chronofit simplifies the creation of your program and your sessions with its library of more than 1000 exercises, constantly updated with new additions. This resource streamlines your workout design process, saving you valuable time. For coaches, it offers complete personalization of sessions for each client, including the ability to add your personalized exercise videos directly from your phone.

Connecting with like-minded people

Dive into Chronofit’s lively forums, where initiating discussions around member profiles is effortless. Ask questions, share advice, and find the inspiration you need for your sports goals. Our forums welcome everyone from beginners to experts, designed to boost your progress and connect you with fellow sports enthusiasts. Join us for unparalleled motivation and inspiration.




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