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Optimize every training minute with our Free Timer

Efficient Timer!

Discover Chronofit’s Free Timer mode, your new ally for effective and stress-free workouts! This innovative timer allows you to count down your sets and set up to 6 different times, perfect for managing rest periods between sets or exercises. Whether you’re a fan of free workouts, where each movement isn’t pre-planned, or strength training methods like the Lafay method, this timer is made for you. Easily set the number of sets to count down and let Chronofit handle the rest. Focus entirely on your movements, chat with friends, or listen to your favorite music without worrying about counting. Chronofit turns your session into a smooth and motivating experience. Ready to boost your workouts? Try the Free Timer mode today and feel the difference!


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More Than Just a Timer…


Chronofit’s Free Timer mode goes beyond managing your sets and rest periods; it also includes a highly convenient training log. By pressing the “Training Log” button directly on the timer, you can easily record notes on your performance: number of repetitions per exercise, distance covered over a certain duration, weights used, and any additional information to track your progress. This feature allows you to accurately monitor your improvement. You can then review all your notes in the library and activity views within the app. The library view shows your progress by exercise, while the activity view displays your advancement by training session. With Chronofit, every detail of your performance is at your fingertips, keeping you motivated and always aiming higher.

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Count Down

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Six customizable intervals for perfect adaptation.


Achieve fitness anywhere, anytime, no gear needed.

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Focus on the essentials, with no time wasted.

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