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With the Chronofit program editor, creating personalized workouts for yourself or your clients has never been easier or more intuitive. Whether you are a professional fitness coach or an independent athlete, our mobile platform provides all the necessary tools to design workout sessions tailored to your needs and goals. Thanks to our user-friendly interface, available on both iOS and Android, you can quickly create and manage your fitness programs wherever you are.


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Customization and Flexibility


The Chronofit editor streamlines workout customization. Incorporate your own videos and instructions to make each program distinct. Our drag-and-drop interface simplifies the scheduling of sessions in your clients’ calendars. With total flexibility offered by the ‘Day Switcher’, clients can select the days they prefer for their workouts. This extensive customization ensures that each program is precisely tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Chronofit: Your Ally for Tailored Fitness Programs!


Chronofit streamlines the creation of fitness programs and sessions, without the need for IT expertise. Here’s how you can optimize your time and provide great flexibility to your clients:

  • Simplified Creation: Easily add a workout on the desired day. Whether you want to set sessions on specific dates or offer flexibility, Chronofit facilitates easy planning with ‘fixed date’ or ‘flexible date’ options.
  • Client Flexibility: Allow your clients to choose when to perform their sessions during the week with just a click. This feature is ideal for those with variable schedules.
  • Diversity of Disciplines: Whether you are a coach in yoga, boxing, soccer, or other disciplines, Chronofit helps you effectively support your clients, in addition to fitness.
  • Time Management: Save maximum time with practical options:
    1. Session Repetition: Easily duplicate sessions from one day to another, or copy an entire week for later use, thus minimizing the time spent creating new programs.
    2. Customized Instructions: Provide precise instructions for each workout, incorporating your favorite protocols and their variations.

Chronofit is designed to make managing your fitness programs as simple and efficient as possible, allowing you to focus fully on training and monitoring your clients.

Manage Your Fitness Programs Effortlessly!


With Chronofit, forget about storage constraints and technical complexity. This system allows you to create and store an unlimited number of fitness programs for as long as needed. Once ready, you can easily distribute them to your clients or use them for yourself. When you launch your training program, your calendar automatically updates with the sessions to be completed. Additionally, a notification is sent to you every training day to remind you of your scheduled activities. Chronofit also keeps a record of all your workouts, enabling you to track your progress over time.


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Customize your programs with your own videos and instructions for your clients.

Unlimited storage

Create and store as many programs as needed for your clients, without limitation.

Reuse your programs

Utilize stored programs at will. Reuse and adjust program templates for each client as needed.

Save time

Save time with our efficient and intuitive program creation tool

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Chronofit’s Workout Builder lets you craft personalized training sessions by incorporating your own videos and setting specific sequences for each exercise. This flexible tool helps you build routines perfectly tailored to your fitness goals. Discover how to precisely customize your workouts by clicking here.

Chronofit’s Timer Mode is not just a stopwatch; it is a comprehensive solution that allows you to set up to six different time intervals for your exercises and rest periods. This helps you tailor your workouts to your specific needs. Click here to learn more about this revolutionary feature.