Community Guidelines

Introduction to Safety at Chronofit

At the heart of Chronofit lies a vibrant community, ranging from groups formed by our creators and users to the global interactions that shape the experience on our platform. The essence of Chronofit is in the collective sharing of a passion for fitness and wellness, yet this requires a solid foundation of security and trust.

The protection and safety of our content creators and all participants on our platform are paramount. Our aim is to cultivate a space where creators can freely express themselves while providing our users with a safe and engaging environment, free from any illegal or harmful conduct. To achieve this, Chronofit implements an integrated security strategy that involves both platform initiatives and active community participation.

Our community guidelines are designed to maintain a balance between free expression and the overall safety of the online environment. These guidelines clearly delineate the types of behaviors that are acceptable and those that are not, encompassing everything published on our service, including videos, live interactions, and user profile management.

In the event of a breach of these guidelines, Chronofit may take various actions such as removing specific content, suspending monetization capabilities, issuing warnings, or even suspending accounts.

We view our community guidelines as evolutionary. They are regularly reviewed in collaboration with creators, moderators, and specialists in security and regulation to ensure they remain relevant and effective.

The participation of all Chronofit members is crucial: users, creators, and moderators are encouraged to report any suspicious activity or content. Our security team operates 24/7 to review these reports and respond promptly, ensuring that Chronofit remains a safe and welcoming place for all.



Self-Destructive Behavior

At Chronofit, we take the health and well-being of our members very seriously. It is crucial to create an environment where discussions about difficult topics such as self-harm and mental disorders can occur within a safe and respectful framework. We encourage open communication about these topics, as sharing one’s own experiences can be liberating and informative. However, it is vital that this communication does not serve to encourage or glorify harmful behaviors.

We enforce a strict policy against the publication of any content that could encourage or glorify self-destructive behaviors.

  • Encouraging or glorifying any form of self-harm or suicide.
  • Promoting eating disorders or sharing harmful dietary strategies, such as prolonged fasting or binge-eating cycles.
  • Disclosing explicit details about suicide attempts or methods of self-harm.
  • Consuming or promoting the use of illegal or inappropriate substances, including but not limited to, hard drugs or dangerous chemicals.
  • Abusing legal substances in a dangerous manner, such as medications or inhalants.
  • Engaging in behaviors that seriously compromise your safety or that of others, such as dangerous challenges or risky conducts.

If you or someone you know is facing difficulties, we urge you to seek help immediately from qualified professionals or emergency services. Chronofit is committed to supporting the mental and physical health of its community by providing a space where issues can be discussed constructively and assistance is encouraged.


Violence and Threats

Violent behavior and threats undermine the foundations of a secure, welcoming, and respectful community. At Chronofit, we uphold a zero-tolerance policy towards violence. Any account involved in such activities will be indefinitely suspended to ensure the safety of all platform members.

  • Attempting or threatening to physically harm or end the life of others.
  • Attempting or threatening to engage in hacking or doxxing (disclosing personal data).
  • Using weapons to intimidate, harm, or kill a person.
  • Inciting others to engage in activities that could harm other people.

In exceptional situations, if we deem that a user is likely to incite imminent violence, we may proceed with the preventative suspension of their account. The risk assessment will include the individual’s influence, any observed negligence in their past behaviors, whether on Chronofit or elsewhere, the persistence of the risk, and the severity of potential threats.

Any content or activity that promotes violence or exploitation is strictly prohibited and, depending on the case, may be reported to the appropriate authorities.


Terrorism and Violent Extremism

Chronofit strongly condemns all forms of terrorism and violent extremism, which not only propagate acts of illegal violence but also spread messages of hatred and intolerance. Our platform strictly prohibits any publication or promotion of content that supports, glorifies, or incites acts of terrorism or violent extremism.

  • Publishing or linking to any type of terrorist or extremist propaganda, including graphic representations or videos of violence related to terrorism or extremism, even if the intent is to criticize or denounce these actions.
  • Threatening or encouraging actions that could cause serious physical harm or significant material destruction.

As part of our commitment to maintaining a safe environment, we enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards any content or behavior that could be associated with such threats. Users who fail to comply with these guidelines will be subject to immediate corrective actions, which may include content removal and account suspension or deletion.

Chronofit remains vigilant and proactive in monitoring such behaviors to prevent the spread of violent extremism and ensure the safety of our community. We encourage all members to immediately report any suspicious or inappropriate content for review and prompt intervention by our team.


Adult Sexual Violence and Exploitation

Chronofit is committed to maintaining a secure and respectful environment for all its members. Consequently, we strictly prohibit the publication, promotion, or engagement in any act or content of a sexual nature, whether consensual or not. Offenses include, but are not limited to, violence, exploitation, or any other form of inappropriate sexual behavior.

  • Engaging in sexual acts, whether consensual or not.
  • Disclosing or threatening to disclose sexual images or videos without the explicit permission of the individuals depicted.
  • Broadcasting revenge pornography content.
  • Posting nude photos of someone without their consent.
  • Producing or distributing faked intimate images or ‘deepfakes’ of identifiable individuals.

We take these rules very seriously, and any violation will result in severe disciplinary measures, including immediate and indefinite account suspension. Chronofit encourages all users to report any suspicious content or behavior so that our team can act swiftly to protect our community and maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all.


Youth Safety

Chronofit is firmly committed to protecting youth, defined here as individuals under the age of 18, from all forms of online threats or exploitation. We categorically prohibit any content or behavior that may endanger the safety of youth, including but not limited to sexual exploitation and harassment. Any illegal content identified is immediately reported to the relevant authorities. Involvement in such activities will result in a swift and permanent account suspension.

  • Posting or promoting sexually explicit content featuring youth.
  • Distributing links to sites that violate this policy.
  • Promoting or encouraging the sexual exploitation of youth, including providing instructions for such activities or confessing to having participated.
  • Facilitating or inciting inappropriate interactions with youth, such as grooming, deliberately exposing them to sexually explicit content, or engaging in sexual dialogue with minors.
  • Attempting to extort goods, favors, or intimate content from youth, as well as threatening to reveal such information or images.
  • Depicting nudity involving youth.
  • Identifying presumed victims of sexual exploitation by name or image.

Chronofit takes these rules very seriously and implements proactive measures to monitor and prevent any harmful activity. We encourage all users to report any suspicious activity immediately so that we can intervene swiftly and maintain a safe environment for all, particularly the young members of our community.


Off-Service Conduct

At Chronofit, the safety of our community is a priority that extends beyond the boundaries of our platform. We recognize that actions taken off our service by our members can have a significant impact on the overall safety and well-being of the community. Therefore, we take firm action against serious offenses committed off-service by members of the Chronofit community.

  • Participation in acts of extreme violence or violent extremist activities.
  • Involvement in terrorist activities or recruitment for such activities.
  • Serious and credible threats of mass violence, targeting specific groups, public events, or gathering places.
  • Leadership or active affiliation with recognized hate groups.
  • Direct participation or complicity in non-consensual sexual acts or sexual assaults.
  • Sexual exploitation of minors, including grooming or distribution of child pornography.
  • Behaviors that directly threaten the physical safety of our community members.
  • Serious threats against Chronofit or its personnel.
  • Persistent posting of misinformation by notorious individuals or groups.
  • Malicious disclosure of sensitive personal information (doxxing), including but not limited to: postal addresses, personal or professional addresses, physical locations, financial information, or government identities.

Chronofit users can report any concerning off-service conduct to our team. These reports are treated with the utmost confidentiality and are reviewed by our global team that handles allegations of serious off-service behaviors.


Proof of Off-Service Reports

At Chronofit, we are aware that behaviors occurring outside our platform can affect the safety and integrity of our community. However, given that we have less visibility over these external behaviors, we require that the evidence provided be verifiable and reliable before undertaking disciplinary actions. This includes evidence such as content uploaded by the offending user or direct testimonies from victims accompanied by relevant proof. Indirect information, such as screenshots or third-party testimonies that can be altered or fabricated, are generally not sufficient without additional evidence confirming their authenticity.


Unauthorized Sharing of Private Information

Disclosing someone’s personal data without their consent is not only a privacy violation. Chronofit strictly prohibits the publication or disclosure of other users’ personal information on our platform.

  • Disclosing personally identifiable information (PII), such as a person’s address or contact details, obtained without authorization.
  • Sharing information from social accounts that are private or protected, including any content derived from these profiles.
  • Revealing information that infringes on individuals’ privacy, such as publishing videos or images taken in a private space without the consent of the involved persons.

Chronofit takes the privacy and security of its users very seriously. Any violation of these rules may result in immediate sanctions, including but not limited to the suspension or deletion of accounts. We encourage all members of our community to strictly respect the confidentiality and privacy of others and to report any breaches of these principles to our moderation team.


Civility and Respect

Hateful Conduct

Chronofit strives to create a space where everyone can come together to share positive experiences. However, this goal is compromised when individuals engage in hate speech or actions. Our platform categorically prohibits any form of hateful behavior motivated by prejudice or intolerance. This includes all actions that incite discrimination, contempt, harassment, or violence against individuals or groups based on protected characteristics such as race, ethnicity, skin color, caste, nationality, immigration status, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, serious health conditions, and veteran status. We also extend this protection against age-based discrimination.

  • Promoting or justifying violence or physical harm against people or groups based on protected characteristics.
  • Encouraging hatred or violence towards a specific group, for example, calls for violence like “eliminate all [protected group]”.
  • Wishing that a protected group be afflicted by a serious or deadly disease.
  • Inciting someone to suicide accompanied by hateful comments based on protected attributes.
  • Praising or glorifying acts of hate or authors of mass violence.
  • Claiming that victims of hate crimes deserved to suffer harm.
  • Using derogatory terms or insults specifically targeting protected characteristics.
  • Insulting or discriminating against someone in forums, including on posts or in chats.
  • Posting or sharing hate symbols or those affiliated with groups known for their hate, such as Nazi symbols or insignia of extremist groups.
  • Displaying flags or other emblems associated with supremacist groups or periods of massive discrimination, outside of any educational context.
  • Using speech, images, or symbols that dehumanize, propagate negative stereotypes, or harmful memes about protected groups.

Chronofit encourages all its users to actively participate in creating a respectful and inclusive environment. Violations of these guidelines on hateful conduct will be dealt with utmost severity, potentially leading to the suspension or permanent deletion of the offending user’s account.



Harassment undermines the spirit of the diverse and dynamic community that Chronofit strives to promote and can make those targeted by such behavior vulnerable to more severe harm. On Chronofit, harassment behaviors are not tolerated in any form and will be subject to strict disciplinary actions.

Content creators are expected to actively manage and mitigate any harassment behaviors that may occur on the platform.

  • Wishing illness, harm, or death upon a person.
  • Encouraging someone to inflict serious injuries on themselves or to commit suicide.
  • Praising or supporting past or current traumas experienced by a person.
  • Verbally harassing a victim of violent crime or a family member.
  • Provoking or inciting suicide, especially among individuals in distress.
  • Implicitly or explicitly threatening to physically harm others.
  • Targeting a person with persistent or particularly severe personal attacks.
  • Repeatedly insulting someone in public after being blocked or excluded from their channel.
  • Creating or broadcasting digitally manipulated content intended to ridicule or degrade a person.
  • Using modified images or videos (deepfakes) to insult or harm a person.
  • Inciting viewers to harass a target, whether on Chronofit or outside.
  • Organizing hostile raids against other creators or their channels.
  • Harassing businesses or individuals in their professional or personal environment.
  • Posting images or videos of someone without their consent.
  • Creating profiles solely intended to harass or insult other users.

Users and creators must be aware of the consequences of their statements and the actions of their audience. Sometimes, even unwanted attention can prompt others to engage in abusive behaviors. For example, criticizing other users and creators may encourage others to harass those individuals as well. Participating in such activities may result in the suspension of your account.

Chronofit encourages all its users to freely express themselves with their friends and within their communities without fear that these interactions might be misinterpreted as harassment. In cases where the context of actions could be ambiguous, we might ask the individuals feeling targeted to confirm that the actions were not consensual before intervening.


Sexual Harassment

Chronofit is committed to providing an environment where all users can interact without fear of sexual harassment. This type of behavior, which includes unsolicited advances, objectification, or attacks related to a person’s sexual practices, is strictly forbidden as it endangers the well-being of users and undermines the integrity of our community.

  • Make unsolicited sexual propositions to anyone.
  • Request sexual favors or intimate images from another user.
  • Inappropriately comment on someone’s physical attributes or sexual habits.
  • Send private messages with a sexual connotation without established mutual consent.
  • Pass judgment on someone’s sexual morality based on their appearance or behavior.
  • Repeatedly compliment or remark on a person’s physical appearance despite their requests to stop.
  • Spread false or humiliating information about someone’s sexual health.
  • Falsely accuse someone of carrying a sexually transmitted disease based on prejudice or assumptions.
  • Use derogatory terms or sexual insults during interactions with others.
  • Share or threaten to share private sexual content without the explicit consent of the involved parties.
  • Distribute links to unsolicited pornographic content or explicit images.
  • Pressure someone for sexual content using threats or incentives.

We encourage all members of Chronofit to immediately report any behavior that could constitute sexual harassment. We will take strict measures against those who violate these rules, including suspension or deletion of accounts.

Content creators, as leaders of their communities, must ensure they actively moderate their spaces and use moderation tools to prevent harassment. We support the good-faith efforts of broadcasters to remove abusive behaviors originating from their audience or external sources.


Illegal Activity

Breaking the Law

At Chronofit, we require all users to adhere to applicable local, national, and international laws when interacting on our platform. We do not tolerate any content or behavior that incites, promotes, facilitates, or involves illegal activities. Such actions will not only be sanctioned by internal disciplinary measures but could also be reported to the relevant authorities.

  • Participating in activities related to human trafficking, whether it involves sex trafficking, child sale, forced marriages, or any form of slavery.
  • Buying, selling, or promoting illicit substances, firearms, or counterfeit items.
  • Engaging in actions that damage, destroy, or steal public or private property without authorization.

We strongly encourage our users to report any suspicious or clearly illegal activity encountered on Chronofit to help us maintain a safe and respectful community for all.


Intellectual Property Rights

Chronofit is committed to respecting intellectual property rights and requires its users to do the same. It is forbidden to broadcast content on our platform without possessing the necessary rights or without having obtained the required permissions from the rights holders.

  • Publish or perform copyrighted works, such as books that do not belong to you.
  • Use content from other Chronofit creators or other platforms without their consent.
  • Present products or services that are protected by trademark rights without permission.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in the removal of the infringing content and, in the case of repeat offenses, the suspension or permanent deletion of the user’s account. Rights holders have the option to report any content that infringes their rights so that we can take appropriate action.


Sensitive Content

Extreme Violence, Gore, and Obscene Behaviors

Chronofit is committed to providing an environment where various types of content can be shared, but we impose strict limits on violent or graphic content. Contents that depict excessive violence, mutilations, deaths, or particularly bloody scenes are not only disturbing but also contrary to our values of a safe and respectful community.

  • Broadcast images or videos showing real deaths, serious injuries, or acts of torture.
  • Explore or promote websites that focus on adult content, including pornography, illegal content, or scenes of death and severe violence

Chronofit takes these restrictions seriously in order to protect our users from potentially traumatic content and to maintain a platform that is welcoming for all. Broadcasting such content may result in immediate actions, including content removal, account suspension, or deletion.


Sexual Content

Chronofit is committed to providing an environment suitable for a diverse audience, which involves strict regulation of sexual content. Chronofit users are not allowed to broadcast, share, solicit, or create links to any content that is explicitly pornographic.

  • Depiction of any form of sex or masturbation, whether explicit, implicit, simulated, or fictional. This includes oral, anal, vaginal acts, solo or mutual masturbation, as well as any content explicitly depicting sexual acts or orgasms.
  • Adult nudity is strictly prohibited on our platform.
  • Highlighting sexual bodily fluids.
  • Promotion or solicitation of sexual services, such as prostitution, escort services, erotic massages, or pornography.
  • Inappropriate and prolonged focus on intimate body parts, even if clothed, such as buttocks, groin, or breasts.
  • Depiction of sexual violence, whether consensual or not.
  • Detailed sexual descriptions, such as erotic dialogue or phone sex scenes.
  • Solicitation of financial contributions or other compensations in exchange for sexual content, including actions like adjusting the camera to focus on suggestive body areas in return for payments.
  • It is also forbidden to directly link or promote pornographic or explicitly sexual content in your profile, in your posts, or in your interactions on forums or chat.

This list is not exhaustive, and Chronofit reserves the right to intervene and remove any content deemed inappropriate or harmful to our community.


Adult Nudity

Chronofit maintains a strict policy prohibiting the broadcast or upload of any content that displays nudity, whether real or simulated. Techniques such as pixelation, mosaics, blurring effects, or wearing transparent or partially transparent clothing do not circumvent this rule.

  • Display of bare anuses or fully nude buttocks.
  • Display of any type of genitalia, whether male or female.
  • Exposure of female breasts, including the visibility of nipples.

This policy aims to ensure that our community remains appropriate for a diverse audience and adheres to community standards regarding content. Any violation of these guidelines may result in the removal of the concerned content and, in case of recurrence, more severe penalties such as suspension or deletion of the user account.

Chronofit encourages all users to respect these standards to help create a secure and welcoming environment for everyone.


Dress Code

Chronofit recognizes the importance of allowing creators to express themselves while maintaining an environment suitable for a diverse audience. Thus, we enforce clear rules regarding dress code to prevent exposure to inappropriate content.

General Guidelines

Users must not stream or upload content that shows total or partial nudity, including the exposure of completely bare genitalia or buttocks. It is also forbidden to suggest nudity through transparent clothing or insufficient coverings such as objects or censorship effects.

For those who identify as women, it is required to completely cover nipples and avoid exposure of the lower breast area. Cleavage is permissible as long as these standards are met and the wearing of clothing is evident.

All users must cover areas extending from the hips to the bottom of the pelvis and buttocks. Clothing must be opaque; transparent or semi-transparent fabrics are not acceptable as adequate coverage.

As the diversity of content on Chronofit evolves, dress standards must be flexible to adapt to different contexts. We assess attire considering the overall context and the intent of the broadcaster.


Usernames and Display Names

Chronofit enforces high standards for usernames and display names to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for all its members. The choice of an inappropriate username or display name can significantly impact the experience of our services, as these elements are persistent and widely visible.

  • Any element referencing illegal activities, including terrorism and exploitation of minors.
  • Phrases that incite violence or threaten others.
  • Terms or behaviors that are discriminatory or incite hatred.
  • Insinuations of harassment or sexual harassment.
  • Unauthorized disclosure of private information.
  • Impersonation of others or public figures.
  • Glorification or trivialization of natural disasters or violent acts.
  • Allusions to substance abuse, including recreational or hard drugs.
  • Explicit references to sexual practices or sexual organs.

Usernames and display names that clearly violate our community guidelines will result in indefinite suspensions. In some cases, where the intent is not evidently malicious, we may request a name reset instead of a suspension. Repeating offenses after a name reset may lead to more severe sanctions.

Chronofit remains committed to providing a space where creativity and personal expression can flourish, while ensuring that these expressions do not harm the safety or comfort of other users.


Prohibited Gaming Content

Chronofit users are prohibited from promoting links or affiliate codes to sites offering gambling activities, such as slot machines, roulette, or dice games.

  • Sharing referral codes for gambling sites with your viewers.
  • Displaying advertisements containing links to online roulette sites.
  • Verbally encouraging your subscribers to visit sites that offer dice games.



Imitation or impersonation constitutes a serious violation of our policies as it erodes trust within our community and can cause significant harm to targeted individuals or organizations. On Chronofit, it is strictly prohibited to impersonate another person, whether it be a user, celebrity, business, or any member of the Chronofit staff.

  • Creating or using an account that impersonates another recognized Chronofit user.
  • Assuming the identity of a public figure or celebrity to deceive other users in live chats.

These behaviors are considered deceptive and are likely to cause confusion and disruption within the community. Offenses may result in severe penalties, such as suspension or deletion of the involved account.

Chronofit carefully reviews reports of impersonation. If an account is found in violation of this policy, corrective actions, including name reset or account suspension, may be taken. Even if the intent is humorous, impersonating another person can create confusion and is therefore prohibited. Users must avoid any form of imitation that could mislead or deceive the community.

This strict approach is intended to protect the integrity and trust within the Chronofit community, ensuring an environment where users can interact safely without fear of deception or identity theft.


Spam, Scams, and Other Malicious Behaviors

To ensure a positive user experience and maintain the integrity of our services, Chronofit categorically prohibits any content or activity that may disrupt, interrupt, or compromise the security of the services provided or the user experience.

  • Mass or repeated sending of unsolicited messages, also known as spam.
  • Posting unauthorized advertisements or deceptive promotions.
  • Attempting phishing or spreading malware and viruses.
  • Engaging in fraud aimed at deceiving Chronofit users or the platform itself.

Chronofit takes any violation of these guidelines very seriously and has procedures to identify and penalize the perpetrators while protecting innocent users.


Suspension Evasion

At Chronofit, we take the integrity of our disciplinary measures seriously. Users who attempt to circumvent a suspension or a ban from participating in discussions by creating new accounts or impersonating others will face enhanced sanctions, which may include indefinite suspension of all associated accounts.

Here is what you cannot do if you are suspended or not on Chronofit:

  • Attempt to circumvent a suspension by creating a new account under another name.
  • Promote currently suspended users, whether by republishing their content or allowing them to participate in events you organize.
  • Participate in group streams where a suspended user is actively present.

It is crucial to understand that suspended users must not be featured in any of your activities on the platform.


Harmful Misinformation Actors

Chronofit takes strong measures against users and creators who persistently publish false or misleading information that can cause significant harm to our community or the general public. This policy specifically targets users whose online activities primarily consist of spreading recognized and widely refuted misinformation that is harmful.

Policy Implementation: We target users who repeatedly share misinformation on sensitive topics. This framework does not apply to isolated statements or one-time discussions but to consistent behavior both on our platform and externally. Offenses will be assessed by considering the user’s overall actions.

  • Misinformation targeting protected groups, also violating our policy against harassment and hateful conduct.
  • False claims about public health, including conspiracy theories about purportedly harmful treatments, incorrect information about COVID-19, or misinformation about vaccinations.
  • Spreading misinformation during public health emergencies recognized by international bodies such as the WHO, which could pose an immediate danger to health.
  • Misinformation related to violence or inciting violence through conspiracy theories.
  • Civic misinformation that threatens the integrity of civic or political processes, such as unfounded allegations of electoral fraud or manipulation of election results.
  • Publishing false information during emergencies that could impact public safety, such as fires, earthquakes, or active violence situations.

Users are encouraged to report such behavior by contacting our team with relevant details and evidence.