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Custom Workouts


Chronofit’s Workout Editor is designed to simplify and accelerate the creation of workout sessions, whether for your own training or for your clients. This intuitive tool makes exercise planning effortless, enabling you to efficiently structure workout sessions tailored to each requirement. Whether you are a personal trainer looking to optimize your scheduling or an individual athlete wishing to customize your routines, our editor provides all the necessary features for smooth and rapid program creation.


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Flexible Fitness


Enhance your sessions using Chronofit’s Workout Editor by integrating exercise videos, whether your own or those provided by the platform. Guide your clients with customized instructions and switch from static PDFs to interactive workouts. Benefit from an intuitive timer that synchronizes the duration of exercises, making each session more dynamic and engaging. This system not only improves understanding but also ensures precise execution of training routines.

Maximize Training with Chronofit’s Editor!


Maximize the effectiveness of your workouts with Chronofit’s workout editor:

  • Advanced Customization: Personalize your workouts by integrating your own videos or those available on the platform. Enhance these with detailed exercise instructions to guide your clients precisely or for your self-monitoring.
  • Sophisticated Settings: Select and set up the desired workout type, whether by repetitions or duration of exercise. Chronofit then compiles all elements to create a comprehensive visual timer, incorporating all necessary information and the corresponding video through the “Video Switch” button.
  • Organization and Accessibility: Organize your workouts in your personal library and sort them into folders by theme or client name for easy and quick retrieval.
  • Unlimited Creation and Storage: Create an unlimited number of workouts for yourself or your clients and store them as long as needed before distribution.
  • Sharing and Visibility: Send private workouts to your clients or make them public to increase your visibility. Take advantage of community interaction by exploring and adding community workouts to your library.

These features make Chronofit’s workout editor an essential tool for fitness professionals looking to optimize their offerings and for enthusiasts seeking to personalize their training experience.

Optimize Client Tracking and Performance


Chronofit’s workout editor is designed to facilitate the creation of complete and personalized training sessions. It provides access to a library of over 1000 exercises, with or without equipment, that is regularly updated to diversify your programs. If you are a coach, the editor includes advanced features such as “Feedback mode,” which allows real-time tracking of your clients’ progress and offers targeted support. Clients can easily share their feedback after each session through the app’s chat, allowing you to tailor workouts to their specific needs. This close monitoring enhances the coaching experience, improving client satisfaction and results.


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